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We are Advocates for Talent.

Talent are usually vulnerable to exploitation. We value you, your artistic work, and we are heavily involved in the entertainment community. We care.


  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Directors
  • Musicians
  • DJ
  • Performers
  • Models
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Comedians
  • Photographers
  • Visual Artists
  • Other talent within the entertainment industry







Talent legal services may include:

  • Actor Offer Letter
  • Actor Employment Agreement (Low Budget, Non-Union, Day Player)
  • Talent Agency and Management Agreements
  • Model Management Agreements
  • Work-for-hire Agreements for Writers, Actors, Directors and Producers
  • Pilot/Series Television Writer/Producer Agreement
  • Television Performer Employment Agreement
  • Television Writer’s Contract (WGA, Loan-out)
  • Life Story Agreements
  • Director Agreement (Theatrical, Loan-Out)
  • Director Employment Agreement (Non-Union)
  • Ghost Writing Agreements
  • Writer Employment Agreement
  • Creation of Talent Owned (loan-out) Productions Companies
  • Visual Artist and Photographer Contracts
  • Artwork Release
  • Theatrical Stage Contracts
  • Band Management Agreements, and Agent Contracts.
  • Band Member Service Agreements
  • Personal Appearance Agreements
  • Minor Release
  • Hosting Contracts
  • Stunt Performer’s Agreement
  • Talk Show Appearance Agreement
  • Book/Publishing Deals

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